The Avatar Course is taught in a safe, caring, comfortable environment. Students from all over the world attend the International Courses in Orlando and great friendships are made beyond definitions of nationality, culture, religion, race or age. International compassion and peace is created. Contact me to learn more about the format of the course.

ReSurfacing Workshops (Section 1 of Avatar)

2-day training covering 30 exercises, including walking meditations, guided meditations, and book work

Available Most weekends - Bay Area, California - Contact me to schedule

Upcoming International Avatar® Courses in the US

January 6-14, 2018 - Maitland, Florida

Upcoming Fast Track Avatar Courses in North America

Avatar Fast Track Courses are usually scheduled a week before the Avatar Master Courses. They are for those students who want a fast route up The Avatar Path for their own and others' awakening. This way the student can do the Avatar Course and route immediately onto the Master Course.  And upon successful completion of the Master Course, the student may be licensed to deliver Avatar to family and friends at the very next International Avatar Course!

The Avatar Fast Track Course is intended for those who plan to move onto the Master Course right after the Avatar Course. This is not a requirement but is the general aim for this course.

November 18-24, 2017 • Orlando, Florida, USA